Hypnotic Exotic

Learn fresh, exciting choreography inspired by years of working in Gentlemans clubs, fused with modern day techniques.

With focus on shape, dynamic & flow RosaLisa encourages each dancer to explore their own natural rhythm whilst enjoying the movement & feel of their bodies during a 2min choreographed routine.

Dancers will come away feeling accomplished & inspired to explore their own sensuality, feminity & creativity.

Suitable for Beginner -> Advanced Pole Dancers.

Can be choreographed with or without a pole.

Floorwork Faves

Learn the most current, exciting floor move techniques to elevate your floorwork to the next level.

RosaLisa shares the intricate techniques for each floor move, giving you the confidence to achieve and to get creative with your floorwork.

Moves include: shoulder roll, shoulder stand, fish flop, knee kip, forearm stand, heel bangs, knee/hip circle techniques, diamond legs... and how to combine them.

Suitable for Beginner -> Advanced Pole Dancers.