STOP rona Act 2020 Letter to MP

Dear Chris Matheson,

As my elected local representative, I am writing to you today as a deeply concerned human being.

I am aware the Coronavirus Act 2020 is up for the first six monthly review and debate in Parliament on 30th September 2020.

It must be recognised that the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the wide sweeping powers granted by it, have had huge detrimental effects upon the UK public. The Act has infringed upon our Inalienable Human Rights and has been used for over 100 statutory Instruments changing more than 600 pieces of legislation all with no prior Parliamentary scrutiny. For example, it has taken away a raft of protections for the disabled, the mentally ill and children in care. This is a matter of deep concern and one that must be stopped.

I would like to share with you the evidence I have gathered over the months and to urge you to stand up for your constituents in voting NO MORE to the Coronavirus Act 2020.

As of Thursday 24th September 2020, Cheshire West and Chester has had a total of 2,478 confirmed cases within the population of over 333,900 (figure from 2015) and with 412 deaths to date in this whole area. (BBC statistics)

The total COVID-19 deaths in the UK is 41,862.

From personal experience I understand how a single death in life is extremely heart-breaking, which is why we must also think about the deaths attributed to the lockdown including suicides and cancelled diagnoses, treatments and therapies.

It was estimated in June that with cancer alone, more than 24,000 cases have gone undiagnosed and almost 2.5 million have not been screened, tested, or treated in the UK.


On 22nd March 2020 we agreed as a Nation to lockdown for ‘two weeks to slow the spread’

Not many appear to be aware that the Government announced on 19th March 2020 that

‘COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a highly infectious disease (HCID) in the UK’

In the attached graph (fig 1) we see the peak of deaths occurred shortly after lockdown began, and we can see we have well and truly ‘flattened the curve’ which was what we originally agreed to.

The Prime Minister and Advisors have since continually moved the goalposts with their marketing campaigns:

from ‘flatten the curve’ to ‘stay home, save lives, save the NHS’ to the introduction of the ‘R’ number and keeping that below 1 and now we have ‘hands, face, space’

In May 2020, Simon Dolan launched an ongoing legal challenge against the UK Government lockdown and forced the Government to release the SAGE meeting documents to the public to seek greater transparency.

Under the title ‘Persuasion’

‘2. Perceived threat: A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; it could be that they are reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group (8), although levels of concern may be rising (9). Having a good understanding of the risk has been found to be positively associated with adoption of COVID-19 social distancing measures in Hong Kong (10).

The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging. To be effective this must also empower people by making clear the actions they can take to reduce the threat (11)’

This is outrageous!!! The media were relentless in spreading their fear campaign causing the UK Public to go into submission and accept any decisions from the Government!

It was highly suspicious that on 9th April 2020, NHS staff were ‘forbidden from speaking out publicly’ with ‘draconion measures prevent some healthcare professions discussing their work during pandemic’

Doctors and Nurses who have spoken out publicly with their own experience of this pandemic have been struck off and lost their jobs/medical license i.e. NHS Consultant Surgeon Dr Mohammad Adil.


It was extremely worrying to see that Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) notices were placed on the elderly in care homes and also on those with learning disabilities or cognitive problems of all ages, as seen in this article dated 24th August 2020.

‘Coronavirus caused 20,000 care home deaths up to June, according to official figures’


All throughout the height of the pandemic we were advised against face masks and were told there was no evidence to support wearing face masks.

Supermarkets operated perfectly fine, there were no outbreaks and no sign of a ‘second wave’

Months later, without any scientific evidence presented to the UK public, the decision to mandate ‘face coverings’ was to be enforced. Businesses were threatened with fines for non-compliance.

I was deeply concerned when I saw the statement made by the Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick in July, who stated the following:

‘My hope is the vast majority of people will comply and people who are not complying will be shamed into complying or shamed to leave the store by the store manager or by other members of the public’

The legislation on clearly states who is exempt from the mandate and that they should not be challenged and would not need to show evidence of exemption.

Encouraging public shaming to those who are deemed vulnerable and exempt, coming from a prominent figure in power, is unbelievable, vindictive, and vile behaviour undoubtably causing undue stress to all. And invited people to police each other.

Are we thinking of the psychological damage we are causing children? Our next generation of adults are the children of today. Do we want them to believe this is normal?

Are we conditioning them to believe they are carrying a ‘dangerous’ virus that may kill their friends or family simply by hugging them? Are they to believe that lockdowns, masks & (anti) social distancing is the ‘new normal?’


According to figures from Official National statistics (ONS)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was not in the top ten leading causes of deaths in England and Wales for August 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was number eight in the top ten leading causes of deaths in England and Wales for July 2020


The test which is being used to detect the Coronavirus/COVID-19 is the RT PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) which was created by Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis in the 80’s. The test has been reported by many Doctors/Scientists (Dr Andrew Kaufman is one) to amplify DNA and is not designed specifically to detect viruses least of all the ‘novel’ coronavirus.

Dominic Raab is seen here in an interview with Sky News being challenged at the lack of airport testing, he says ‘The challenge is the false positives rate is very high, only 7% of tests will be successful in identifying those that have the virus’


Matt Hancock called for an urgent review after it had been revealed how PHE had been recording the deaths - ‘no one can ever recover from COVID-19 in England’

On 10th September the CDC updated the estimated infection fatality rates for COVID-19. The survival rates by age group are:

0-19 = 99.9997%

20-49 = 99.98%

50-69 = 99.5%

70+ = 94.6%


Recently Professor Karol Sikora (Ex-director of the WHO cancer programme) tweeted an open letter he and other Doctors/Professors (including Professors Heneghan, Gupta, and signed by many more), sent to the PM and Advisors which stated:

‘Mortality risk is highly age variant, with 89% mortalities in the over 65’s.

Mortality risk is also concentrated in those with pre-existing medical conditions (95% of all covid deaths)’


The new 10pm rule has not been advised by SAGE committee members.

Professor John Edmunds said the 10pm curfew was ‘fairly trivial’ and that ‘it will have a very small impact on the epidemic’


Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College, and his computer model were the basis of Lockdown, not just in the UK but worldwide.

With the Swine flu ‘epidemic’ Neil Ferguson and his computer model, predicted 4 million deaths worldwide – it turned out to be 18,500 worldwide. With Bird flu, he said 200 million would die, from 2003 to 2009, 282 people died worldwide.

It appears the Government are pushing for a ‘miracle’ vaccine.

A vaccine usually takes years, not months, and usually undergoes rigorous safety testing.

Animal trials are being skipped and the Government are trying to push through an unlicensed vaccine under the guise of ‘national emergency’ (for which I have objected to via the public feedback form on website)

During the Swine Flu ‘epidemic’ the vaccine Pandemrix by Glaxo Smith Kline was also rushed through and caused painful, avoidable damage:


Astra Zeneca has had to halt Phase three human trials due to a serious advert event:


Astra Zeneca have been granted protection from liability claims related to COVID-19 vaccine by most countries:


Sir Patrick Vallance – Chief Scientific Advisor – has been found to have 600,000 shares in contracted vaccine maker meaning a conflict of interest in keeping us in lockdown until a vaccine is available:


Despite all of the above Matt Hancock says he won’t rule out mandatory vaccinations:


Compulsory vaccinations appears to be something Matt Hancock has been considering for a while:


It appears to me the pandemic is no longer about the collective Health of the Nation. No thought is being given to the Health effects of lockdown on the UK Public and there appears to be a tunnel vision on Coronavirus only.

The measures in place to suppress dissenting views from Professional Doctors and Scientists worldwide, on social media and at protests, leads me to believe we are no longer living in a democracy and we seeing the beginning of living under an authoritative regime.

As my elected official, I would urge you to consider the unprecedented powers the Government has unilaterally handed itself and wonder whether your role in Parliament has been usurped by a Government willing to pass legislation at break neck speed and without due consideration or scrutiny.

I look forward to hearing your response on how you will be voting on Coronavirus Act debate on 30th

Yours Sincerely


September 2020.

Yours Sincerely,

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