How to boost your Immune System

Hey guys,

Apologies for the radio silence, I've been doing a lot of thinking & researching.

The whole world is living in fear right now & we are told to stay in our homes to help protect those with weakened immune systems.

The mainstream media is crazy right now, filling our minds with how many cases there are, how many people have died, filling us with FEAR, FEAR, FEAR!!!

Fight or Flight mode activated!

I'll admit, it got to me at first too, but then I took a step back, grounded myself & looked at it from a different perspective.

I started thinking about how our bodies naturally fight illness/dis-ease & the ways in which we could help our bodies stay healthy & boost our immune system, that's got to be the best way we can help, right?

I will take you through my thoughts & my findings, providing a couple of links, but please do your own research.

Then I'll share ways we can help boost our immune system & be healthy for the good of all.

How does the Immune System naturally fight a virus?

In December I became ill which is unusual for me as I rarely get ill so I remember the experience well.

It started on a Friday during my last couple of classes between 4-7pm. I was very shaky & didn't feel well at all. I somehow managed to cycle home, feed the cat & put the heating on before crawling up the stairs to bed.

Over the next 15/18 hours I was taken out by this illness, I had a fever, the shakes, that weird dozing in & out of consciousness, not knowing what the hell was going on.

On Saturday afternoon I awoke feeling so much better.

My body had fought whatever illness I had & the only symptom I had after was a cough that lasted til early March. At the time everyone at the studio was ill & had the same persistent cough.

Whether that was this virus or something else isn't important, what is important is that I listened to my symptoms, climbed in to bed & let my body naturally do what it needed to do.

So this got me thinking about how incredible our bodies are. I wondered how our Immune System works & when we get symptoms, what is our body actually doing?

This is what I found:

Everyday our bodies are protecting us, it gets rid of anything that is harmful through sneezing, coughing, sweating, toilet activities etc..

When our body gets an illness/infection/virus our Immune System kicks in, there is a rise in anti-bodies to fight the virus, then our T-cells kill the virus, with pyrogens travelling to the hypothalamus in our brain to raise the temperature of our body to blast the virus if it is sensitive to heat.

This article is about a lady in Australia who has recently had this virus & how her body naturally defeated it while being monitored at hospital.

This article & this article explain how the Immune System works scientifically.

Fight or Flight Mode

When this virus hit the mainstream media the whole of the UK went in to Fight or Flight mode.

Our sympathetic nervous system kicked in which is completely natural when presented with danger.

This natural human reaction had people stockpiling because they were in survival mode.

Each one of us reacts differently when in survival mode, we start reacting out of fear before our brains have the chance to process what is actually happening.

Everyone turned on each other, blaming eachother for stockpiling & over-reacting.

Now with social distancing we are still in Fight or Flight mode, turning on eachother once more.

When our sympathetic nervous system kicks in, it gives us a burst of energy - adrenaline - to either fight or get out of the way of the danger. This is great for protecting us but usually after the danger is over our parasympathetic nervous systems kicks in to help calm us & to be able to digest the situation rationally.

With the current situation everyone is checking the media all the time for information, keeping them in the Fight or Flight mode, sharing horror stories & causing more fear.

This is not good for our health, this causes huge stress which can lead to health problems if we don't reduce the stress.

This is not good for our Immune System is it?

This article explains the Fight or Flight & effects of long term stress.

How to boost your Immune System

These are just a few suggestions to help keep us calm during these uncertain times.

Whenever you feel stressed/worried, repeat this positive affirmation 3 times whilst deep breathing:

Eat healthy & nutritious food, find some recipes online & turn up the music while you cook. Also perhaps order some seeds & plant your own fruit & veg? Spring is the perfect time to do this.

Here are some delicious foods & the benefits they have:

Citrus fruits & natural fruit juices - high in Vitamin C which increases white blood cells

Red peppers - high in Vitamin C

Brocoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts - high in Vitamins A, C, E - antioxidant

Garlic - lowers blood pressure

Ginger - decreases inflamation

Spinach - antioxidant

Almonds - Vitamin E

Tumeric - anti inflammatory

Papaya - Vitamin C

Green tea - antioxidant

Sunflower seeds - Vitamin B6

These are just a few I looked at but please do your own search & find what foods would be best for you :)

And finaly, take a break from it all, find other things to do that will make you happy & keep you calm:

Sending you all so much Love at this time <3

I'll be focusing on online tutorials next & possibly offering private lessons so I'll keep you posted.

With Love,

Lisa xx

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