The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci Code

Watch this beautiful video of Nature by Numbers which beautifully shows the Fibonacci Sequence.

Have you ever wondered why we obsess over beauty?

What makes flowers so beautiful?

What makes people’s faces beautiful?

How models are chosen? What makes their faces the ‘right’ ones? Why do some faces get picked & others don’t?

Why we, as a society, follow & obsess over people like the kardashians?

Why people get plastic surgery to appear more beautiful on the outside?

During my Awakening period, 2012 – 2016, I wondered this & so I searched.

My Personal Experience

The reason I looked into this was because at certain points in my life I have been made to feel ugly, to feel not beautiful. Not by myself, but by others.

This didn’t match my own reality, I felt beautiful, I loved the way I look.

But others didn’t.


Unaware at the time of myself & of being an Empath, I could actually feel when people thought I was ugly, or not quite pretty enough.

This caused conflict within me.

It made me feel confused, angry, jealous, misunderstood. Why couldn’t they see I was beautiful?

There were many, many times I experienced this, but the one that sticks out in my head is when I worked in the strip club:

I was well known & well loved for my stage performances, by customers, by fellow dancers, by the club staff. Every time I was on stage I would perform my heart out & everyone would watch & tell me how mesmerising I was.

Even the girls working said as soon as they heard my song they would stop what they were doing & come to watch me perform, sometimes bringing their customer.

This was very flattering, I loved performing & I would make sure every time I performed I gave it my all.

One day, a local lingerie business wanted to photograph our clubs dancers to model for their website.

It was a quiet night when they came in to choose. All of the pretty, model-like dancers were picked.

I was not.

It hurt my ego.

Why didn’t I get picked?

Oh, I get it, I’m not pretty enough.

I knew my strengths; my dancing. My beauty obviously does not show on my face.

It hurt but I accepted it.

(I now realise this is why I hated doing photoshoots in the beginning, a limiting negative belief I had created right there, on that spot)

Can you relate to this? Has this happened to you before? Then don't worry, read on...

During my awakening period I came across the Fibonacci Code.

I came across an article that explained about beautiful faces & the Fibonacci Sequence & suddenly it all made sense!

Ahhhh science, I could finally get on board with science with this explanation, thank you.

It all made sense. My face did not fit the Fibonacci Sequence.

The inner conflict was gone, it wasn’t people’s fault they thought I was ugly, they were hard wired to look for the Fibonacci Sequence beauty.

This made me feel better. It wasn’t me at all, it wasn’t my fault.

I am as beautiful as I feel, just some people can’t see past this sequence.

I would never be found beautiful in some industries, that was fine with me, I would just avoid them.

Take a look at this article which explains a doctors study into beauty & the Fibonacci sequence for maxillofacial surgery:

(you will have to search that article for now. I can't figure out how to attach the link to click)

We are designed to recognise this Code, that’s why society obsesses about & follows these ‘beautiful’ beings, who mostly ‘show us how amazing their lives are’ & make us feel bad about our own lives.

Recently I unfollowed any & all accounts that either make me feel like I’m lacking something in my life, or their posts don’t add value to my life.

I freed myself from the mental torture & now I have no mental torture.

The pages I follow share love, light, positivity, or they share awakening truth that makes me think & opens my mind a little more, makes me question why & go off to find my answers.

Have a look into the Fibonacci Code yourself, see what it means to you.

Maybe try unfollowing pages that make you feel bad, reclaim your power, you are under no obligation to follow anyone, it is always your choice.

If you follow these pages that make you feel shit about yourself you have chosen to do that, no one else. Take your choice back.

Please know I am not writing this to gain any sympathy so please don't feel sorry for me. It is just another understanding of life that I feel I must share with you.

With Love, Always

RosaLisa x

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