Why I am choosing an Alkaline Vegan Diet

In loving memory of my brother Tony Williams <3


In December 2011, my brother was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. On Sunday 13th May 2012, he lost his battle & left our world.

Apart from being left heartbroken, devastated & in that much pain that there are no words to describe, I was left with one burning question ‘WHY?’

'Why Tony? Why did he get cancer? Why did he die? Why did a young, healthy lad develop a cancer associated with older men? What was the cause?'

We didn’t receive any sort of answer from our doctors, from Macmillan Cancer support. We were in too much devastating pain to ask at the time.

But then, I began my own search.

For the last 6 years I have read & researched relentlessly. I wouldn’t stop until I found the answers to all of my questions.

This search led me down so many paths. I would spend weekends in bed, hungover, searching the internet & reading as much as I could.

It led me on a spiritual journey.

It led me to many discoveries.

It opened many more questions.

It led me to realising the world is not as it seems.

It eventually led me to the answers I so desperately wanted to know.

It was not good.

If you know me in person you know that I have such a low, negative opinion of the medical industry.

I’ve been to the doctors around 4/5 times in my whole life.

I am 33 years of age.

To me, the medical industry only seems to treat symptoms, they don’t seem to want to learn, understand or to teach people about prevention.

Again, I asked myself ‘Why?’

After all my years of researching I am now left with no doubt that chemotherapy killed my brother.

If you want me to explain facts, science, logic & reason for how & why I think this, then you will be disappointed.

I have read the facts, found the scientific research & found the reasons for why chemotherapy killed my brother.

I’m not one of those people who retains facts/scientific information in my brain.

If you need science & fact to understand my words for yourself, then go on your own search.

I don’t expect you to believe me on my words alone, in fact I expect the opposite, I wish for you to do your own research & find what it is you believe to be true for yourself, deep inside, not what you have been told.

I am a feeling being, I have lived my whole life this way.

The things I choose to do in life have never had any logic, fact or reason to them.

I use & trust my feelings & my intuition more than I do anything else in this Universe.

Every part of my life has been led by me going with my gut, my intuition.

My studio, running my business; all intuition. I had never received any training in how to teach pole dancing or run a business, I didn't use fact, logic or reason and yet I have a studio that is fully booked, with 3 other Instructors & a very exciting business partnership happening in the near future.

So when I have read & researched so, so many articles, watched so many videos/documentaries on cancer, listened to both sides of the coin, I have found the answers I was seeking, the answers I believe to be true.

I share this with you now so you that you may start to question ‘Why?’ for yourselves.

There is no doubt about it that the Medical Industry has helped many people, it may have helped you or your loved ones, I don’t deny that, but they failed my brother, I had to find out why.

I was researching why my brother got cancer in the first place. Why, at 16 years of age, did he develop cancer?

My search has been long & varied.

I ultimately, undoubtedly believe it is linked to our diet, our environment, our stressful lives.

What is cancer?

Cancer is not some foreign body. Cancer is our own bodies malfunctioning. Cancer is our own cells gone bad, abnormal.

Why do they do this? What is causing our own bodies to react this way? Something is not right.

When I look into the medical industry I find they do tests on men & women to find the cancerous, abnormal cells.

Then when they detect the cells, they treat the symptoms.

Proving my thoughts that the medical industry only care about treating symptoms.

They are making the world believe that treating the symptoms is the only way to cure cancer!

But it is not working, for if it was, why are people still getting cancer?!?!

‘Where is the prevention?’

I am screaming this question inside my head, over & over.

Where is the education on how to prevent cancer?

Why don't we understand how to prevent cancer?

Why have we all been raising funds/donating towards this cause to find the cure?

I have found the answer.

It is not within the medical industry.

It is not within the mainstream media.

It is not within the education system, in schools or universities.

But the information is out there, you just have to look for it. You have to find the blogs, to watch the documentaries, to find the real-life accounts of people who have lived through it & are sharing widely across the internet.

It will never be mainstream information. Again I question: Why?

Why? Why aren’t we taught this information?

For one reason only: PROFIT!!!

You may be thinking ‘nooooooo, there is no way people would withhold this information for money’

I’m afraid to say unfortunately it's true. I thought this initially, that there was no way people would be this selfish to hide this info, but unfortunately my search has proved it is true.

These industries; medical, media, educational systems, all know this information but they refuse to share it, the continue to keep it secret. But why?Whyyyyyyyy? Why would anyone do this?

Because they receive too much money & live wonderful lives. Because they gain too much & they don't want that to change. Because they only care about themselves & their own families, they don't care about us.

But all is not lost

There are doctors & scientists who have broken away from the mainstream, who are now teaching us this information.

This information is out there, you only need to look.

You only need to break away from the mainstream yourself & begin your search.

You need to question why.

I whole-heartedly admit that if I didn't lose my brother then I probably would never have questioned why. I wouldn't have needed to, life was ok.

I believe that my brother leaving our world was so I would begin this search & then share what I had found, a calling if you will.

What I have found out

I became Vegetarian & then Vegan, for the animals.

In my many searches I discovered how the meat & dairy industries work.

I was heartbroken.

I love animals, I always have.

After seeing the horrible video’s & reading the stories, there was no way I could continue consuming meat or dairy.

This had always been happening but I had never looked to find this information, I never questioned why.

So that opened a new search & I began learning about the other benefits of being Veggie/Vegan.

Helping the planet, helping our environment, increasing human health.

This search led me to discovering about the Alkaline Vegan diet.

Which led to answering one of my questions...

Cancer is a disease.

Which means dis-ease within our bodies.

If you have an Alkaline body environment, no dis-ease can survive.

Dis-ease can only continue & grow in an acidic body.

Could this be the prevention, the cure, we are all looking for?

What is an Alkaline diet?

Basically, eating as naturally as you can.

I encourage you to look into this for yourselves.

I deeply distrust the food industry also. They pump natural food full of shit to keep it fresher for longer.



They don’t care about our individual health, they don’t care if we get unwell, as long as their pockets get lined. They play on our natural human emotions, they know that we assume they come from a caring, loving space. We are so wrong.

So if the food industry doesn’t care about people getting sick, & the medical industry only cares about treating sick people with their symptoms, is there a link?

I will let you find that out for yourselves.

-When I say 'they' I am talking about the big, huge corporation bosses who profit from these businesses.

I am not talking about the beautiful, hard-working souls who work in these industries & work from a place of love to help people.

Why Nature is always the answer

Time & time again, every search leads me to one solution; Nature.

To live as naturally as we can.

Our beautiful planet Earth has everything we need to exist.

It was how it was designed.

It is time we return to our natural roots.

Cancer doesn’t just ‘happen’ – we develop cancer for a reason.

I encourage you to stop accepting life the way that it is, to start questioning why.

Question everything.

If you’re not ridiculously happy with every area of your life, then ask why. Search for the answer. Don’t stop that search until you experience euphoric happiness every single day.

This may be a painful awakening experience for you, it was for me, but it is needed.

We have been living in 3D consciousness for so long, just accepting & never questioning, but it is time to awaken & work through our 4D consciousness individually.

My plans for my future

I plan to grow my own fruit & veg.

To live off my own land (with my landlord/landlady’s permission of course)

I plan to grow my own food & trade with others who grow their own.

That way we know we are eating completely naturally.

Oh wait, didn’t we used to do this?

As a human species?

Why did we stop?

So many questions!

As I always say, if my words spark an emotion or reaction in you, that is your internal self trying to communicate with you. Please read my healing blog to learn how we have been socially conditioned from birth. Or google the Theta brain wave. Please do your own research,

I don’t ever expect anyone to believe my words 100% but I share them to spark that fire inside you that knows there's something not right in this current reality we live in.

I always write my experiences from a loving place, I have been through a painful awakening period & I want to share my experiences to help anyone who may feeling the pain I did.

With Love, Always

RosaLisa x

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