How I healed my relationship with Money

Good evening,

It is Saturday 6th October, 11.27pm. I’ve just woken up from an afternoon nap (which lasted 5 hours I think haha) and now I feel called to share this information.

This video is on how I healed my relationship with money. I have used this technique over the last 6 years to heal numerous areas of my life so if this video has found its way to you I hope it will offer you some inspiration & guidance to heal area’s of your life also. I understand this technique may not work for some people & that's fine, I hope you find technique that resonates with you.

This video is completely unedited. I wanted it to be as real & as authentic as possible. This is real life & it’s time we stopped using smoke & mirrors to make everything appear 'perfect' - I am ‘being the change I want to see in the world’

The steps are written below in case you prefer that over watching the video. Also the parts I can't remember are explained below :)

A brief insight into my relationship with money:

I used to feel bad about money. When I opened the studio & ran my business full time I would feel extreme guilt for charging for my services because I enjoyed what I did. I felt other people may not be able to afford pole classes & the classes made people feel so happy so I would feel the extreme guilt in charging for them. I knew I needed to make money so of course I charged, but I undercharged. My thinking was I didn’t need much, I just needed to pay my bills. I was working 7 days a week so I didn’t need money for a life, this was my life. I just needed money for food, fags & booze.

What a shit tonne of responsibility I put on myself. I was making assumptions about people’s financial lives. I was grieving & in pain so I’ll forgive myself.

So, how did I change my relationship with money?

How do I now live my life not worrying about money, knowing that everything will be paid & I will always receive money easily & abundantly?

How did I heal the negativity I had towards money?

I used a written healing technique that I had intuitively created & then I found out this simple bit of information:

Money is energy!

Money is energy, it is neither good nor bad, it is simply energy. It exists so we can trade.

So I now think of it like this:

Money = Energy

My services = Energy

Therefore, when people book my services we are exchanging Money (energy) for Services (energy)

We are trading energy for energy.



I must thank a few free online masterclasses for this discovery. This is where I learned this information, from two separate money masterclasses. They were by Kate Northrup & Mind Movies, thank you so much for this life changing information!

I highly recommend taking free online masterclass webinars for all subjects, You probably see loads of sponsored ads onFacebook/Insta, some of it is utter bollocks but some of it is from the universe, it is trying to communicate with you, to highlight areas you need to work on. I’ve taken loads this year & each time I learned something new, from another perspective which opened my mind more & helped me see it from another side.

The Technique!

So before I discovered this information, I realised I had many negative self-limiting beliefs about money. These had been created since the day I was born. The things I heard from my parents, teachers, society, literally any adults I met throughout life,

When we are young (between 0-7 years) we live in the Theta brain wave - which means we are like little sponges, we absorb all & everything around us. This is stored in our sub conscious & these beliefs of the world create our reality. (Have a look into Theta brainwave, it is mind blowing!)

So if you heard your parents say ‘we never have any money’ this then becomes your belief & you can bet your last penny that you will never have money in your life. This belief is ruling your financial life from your subconscious.

Don't worry, you can change these beliefs. You are powerful beyond your belief & you can in fact create your own desired reality. And here’s how I did it:

Step 1:

You will need a pen, paper & time.

Choose an area of your life that you want improve, this can be money, love, work, self-worth, friendships, family relationships. addiction, weight. This can be anything. Think about an area that you're not happy with. If you’re feeling like your whole life is a mess right now, that there’s too many areas in your life that are fucked up then you may want to do this exercise first ‘Tapping into your subconscious thoughts for the first time’ (blog is being created, will upload as soon as it is done)

Ok, so I am choosing money as my subject. I choose this because it is the most recent area I worked on so it is fresh in my mind & also I wanted to keep it fairly light, I didn’t want to do one of the scary ones like my childhood or my trauma. They were extremely painful & my mind is hazy over those healing experiences.

If you do have any painful experiences I do recommend seeking counselling or other help. I had 6 months of counselling & it really helped clear my mind & release a lot of pain.

Then I was able to use this technique to heal & change my mindset.

Ok so once you have identified the area, write at the top of the page your topic, in my case ‘Money’

Now think about this topic for a while, what does this mean to you? Then write down all the thoughts that pop into your head. Write them all down. You may find other thoughts pop into your head about other subjects, write those down too. Literally write everything you hear in your head.

Now this may or may not be a painful experience, depending on the topic you choose. If sadness creeps in don’t suppress your emotions, cry & cry your heart out. I know I did with other more painful subjects. By crying you’re releasing the pain out of your body, this is good, this is the healing process, you will feel better for it I promise. We are all (women & men) blessed with the ability to cry, there is no shame in, it is the most natural thing in the world.

Ok, so once you have all the thoughts out of your head you may want to take a break before Step 2. This break can be an hour, a day, a week, a month, however long. You may feel exhausted and need a lie down. There is no rush, you can come back to it when you feel ready.

Also, don’t worry if nothing happens at first & you can’t hear any thoughts. You have hidden these thoughts away for a long time so it may take some time for them to come out. My counsellor explained to me that in our subconscious brains we have boxes & in each box we store away any painful memories. We do this for years until the boxes become too full, then the memories start spilling out into our conscious mind.

In the early days I did this exercise over a bottle or two of wine. I’m telling you this because by being drunk I let my guard down & I was able to tap into those thoughts. I’m not recommending you get drunk, I am simply telling you what worked for me. Listen to yourself, trust your own intuition. You may want to light candles & make a cup of tea so you feel safe. Do what is right for you.

Tip: If you’re having trouble concentrating, then try a guided mediation on youtube first (always works to clear my mind)

Step 2

So now we have all of these thoughts. Let’s have a look at them. It’s crazy isn't it! There are so many! You can see your mother/father in there, you can hear your boss in there, your friends!!!! So many thoughts that aren’t yours, yet you’ve absorbed & lived by them. Wow!

Now we need to separate those thoughts. Grab another piece of paper & any thoughts not connected to your subject, in my case money, write those down on that piece of paper. Fold it away & store it somewhere safe, we’ll come back to that another day.

Ok so what I do next is next to identify these thoughts, who’s thoughts are they? Are they my own or are they someone else’s? Write down next to each thought who they belong to.

Next, take a new piece of paper & write down only the thoughts that belong to you.

Now we have our own thoughts separate, we take the initial piece of paper with all the thoughts on & we destroy it. I, personally, like to take it outside & burn that fucker with my lighter, saying to the sky above ‘I release these thoughts from me’ – you do what feels right for you, you can rip it up to tiny pieces or screw the paper up & chuck it in the recycling, do whatever feels right for you, I love watching the flames <3 (obviously if you chose to burn it please be safety conscious)

So we move on to Step 3. Again you may want to take a break before moving on to Step 3. You may want to enjoy the moment of not having those thoughts in your head, you go & enjoy it. Come back when you are ready.

Step 3

Ok, lets get back to it. Now we have all these thoughts that belong to us. Take some time to reflect over them. Can you remember when you formed those thoughts? Did something happen & you thought this & then it stuck with you?

When you’re ready, it is time to battle these thoughts with opposing arguments, which are called positive affirmations. Obviously I don’t have my original thoughts list as I burned it so the following I have created from memory;

As you can see I have written positive affirmations on a new piece of paper, that argue with those negative thoughts.

Write down a positive affirmation for each of your thoughts. You may repeat an affirmation for two or more thoughts. If you haven’t used affirmations before, have a little google & find some on your subject, there are loads out there to use for inspiration.

When you have finished writing the positive affirmations you can go and burn (rip up/destroy) those negative thoughts too, again saying ‘ I release you from me’

Now we are left with the positive affirmations only. Doesn’t it feel good? :) To be rid of those horrible, negative thoughts. Ahhhh, take a deep breath & smile.

Next we move on to Step 4. As always, take a break & enjoy this moment if you feel you want to. The next step is where the real battle begins.

Step 4

You may be enjoying having a clear head but don’t celebrate for too long. The real battle is about to begin. Those thoughts have just taken a little holiday. They will be coming back. They enjoy living in your head & being in control of your life.

Only this time when they come back, you will be aware of them & ready for them.

You now need to create one positive affirmation from all of those you wrote, combining them to create your battle cry.

My positive affirmation:

I am a money magnet. I attract money everywhere I go. There is enough money in the world for me & everyone. I can do good with money.

If you are working on your money relationship, feel free to use that or create your own. Do what feels right for you.

Once you have it, make this a thing in your life, commit to it & say this affirmation every day.

Say it when you wake up, say it when you go to bed, say it in between, and most importantly, say it the moment one of those thoughts’ creeps back into your head.

Mine came back one at a time so it was easy to battle them. Yours may come fast or slow, that will be unique to you.

You may feel absolutely ridiculous at first, you may find you feel fake, that you don’t truly believe what you’re saying. This is normal, I felt the same way.

If you can, try to feel love when you say your affirmation.

I promise you that over time this will become your subconscious truth.

Wishing you the best of luck in your battles, these battles are extremely tough, but I believe in you.

With love, always

RosaLisa x

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