Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Energy

We are each made up of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energy. Every single one of us. Men & Women.

We were not taught this, we were instead made to forget; for thousands & thousands of years.

We were conditioned from a young age, when we lived in the Theta brain wave, & were told how good little girls & good little boys should behave. Making us believe Feminine & Masculine are separate.

Our energies have been out of balance for as long as we can remember.

We have lived under a patriarchy, where a group of men have held the power, conditioning & controlling the masses, choosing a hierarchy, choosing to honour and respect Masculine qualities & choosing to ridicule Feminine qualities.

Looking at the qualities above, can you relate to how we have been living, how we have been brought up? Looking back at my personal experiences, schools taught us to find evidence, to learn to be disciplined, to believe in only logic & reason. We were not taught how to trust our intuition or ourselves, how to love ourselves & others without conditions, how to discover & develop our creative side, how to understand & forgive.

Our Divine Feminine qualities in both sexes have been made a joke of, remember these phrases:

‘You throw like a girl’

‘Man up’

‘Here come the waterworks’

‘You’re too sensitive’

‘Grow some balls’

‘Men don’t cry’

‘Get in the kitchen & make me a sandwich woman’

‘She must be on the blob’

Oh there are so many more. Both Men & Women have used these phrases. I’m sure you can remember a time when you used one or more of them? I certainly have.

The Great Awakening!

We are at a time of a great awakening. We are all realising how mental health is extremely poor globally, for almost every living soul & we are beginning to question why.

Why do we all feel disconnected, sad, depressed? People are questioning & realising we are not living as we should be, all is not as it seems.

We are NOT meant to be chained to our jobs, working so many hours each day for low pay.

We are ALL meant to be free.

We have become slaves to the corporate & financial machines that were created thousands of years ago. We have forgotten who we are, we have been living within our Masculine qualities only for such a long time, but we got it wrong, we fucked up!

The Rise of the Divine Feminine

There is no doubt about it, our Divine Feminine energy is waking up & rising within each one of us. It has been for some time. I’m not talking about modern day Feminism, I’m talking about the Divine Feminine qualities listed above that exists inside every single one of us, women & men.

As a woman I can’t help but express myself through emotion, I cry to release, I cry when I’m happy I cry all the damn time & I love being able to. Although this has been ridiculed, I know as a woman it is a natural thing for me to do. I realise not all women feel comfortable with expressing emotion & that is something they have to heal& connect with themselves.

But for men, I can’t even imagine how hard it is for them. They have been told their whole lives to bottle up their emotions, to show no pain, to be a pillar of strength, to brush it off, to treat women as objects, to be a caveman & fix things. They are only taught to live through logic & reason. Any intuition is seen as crazy, as bullshit, and yet they still feel it inside & have to ignore it.

I cannot even begin to put myself in a man’s shoes. It must be so confusing. I recently found out that the leading cause of death in men is suicide. My heart is breaking. These beautiful, masculine souls are choosing to end their lives because they can’t cope any more, they are confused about life, they don’t understand why it’s so hard but they have been conditioned to not reach out, not ask for help.

I understand why modern day Feminists are angry at how women have been treated for thousands of years, and rightly so, I felt outraged initially. However, directing anger at men is not the answer.

Men don’t need women’s anger, men need love & support, they need guidance, they need to know & understand that they can cry, they can express their emotion, that they can connect with their Divine Feminine energies & they won’t be seen as ‘less of a man’.

So what is the answer? - What can we do?

Many people who have/who are awakening into 4D consciousness are initially feeling angry, depressed & hopeless about how we are living & how we’ve all been lied to & mistreated. That is understandable. We have every right to feel these emotions. I certainly did.

But focusing on these emotions is not the answer. By all means feel these emotions deeply, understand them & then work on releasing them (see my written healing technique blog as a guide to releasing)

The answer is to go within. To return to ourselves. To learn & understand about ourselves, who we are & why we are. To unlearn every lie we have ever been told & to replace it with our own individual truth.

It is time to get busy, individually.

We need to look at ourselves, our lives & find where we are out of balance within ourselves, within our own Feminine & Masculine energies.

Learn about what makes you happy, what makes you sad. Have you reacted angrily recently? Why was that? Look at the qualities above, which are you living by each day? Try exploring how to connect with the qualities you are not currently living by.

Learn from yourself, your actions & reactions to life will teach you, YOU are your greatest teacher.

Your body is communicating with you all the time. Your body lets you know when something is out of balance. You will feel an niggle, ache or pain. We’ve been taught to grab some pain killers & carry on, but we need to listen to our bodies, to connect with them again.

We are a part of the Great Awakening!! Although it may not feel like it right now, this is an exciting time to be alive. The world is changing.

We need to heal ourselves. We must heal ourselves. No doctor can heal you so stop giving your power away & take responsibility for yourself.

We need to awaken to 4D consciousness and work through all our pain, our wounds, our insecurities. This can be a hugely painful process & it may require isolation, as my experience did. That is ok, you are allowed to do whatever it is your soul needs. Connect with your own feelings, your own intuition, do what you need to do for you, it is not selfish, in fact it is the opposite.

As by healing ourselves, our collective healing energy grows & allows more people to heal. By living our true authentic selves, we automatically give permission for others to heal & to live as their true selves.

Working through all of this will awaken you to 5D consciousness. Where we realise we are one, we are all connected. Where our every action is motivated by Love. This Great Awakening is leading to a New Earth, a 5D conscious Earth, where peace, love & harmony exists for all living beings.

We are here on Earth having a human experience. And many of us have incarnated here at this time to help Earth awaken.

If we believe that we are the only living species in our infinite Universe then we are deluded & that is not our fault, we were conditioned to think this.

Check out UFO sightings, does it make you feel excited? That’s because it is a deep memory that you have forgotten. Does the thought of UFO’s make you feel scared? You have been taught to fear them since a young age, that was our conditioning.

I believe, & have been guided to understand, that when our souls leave our bodies here on Earth, when we ‘physically’ die, we go back to the light, back to the love, back to the infinite oneness of the Universe. Or we reincarnate here again to experience, learn & grow. So we need to fully embrace this experience before it is over.

As always, I encourage you all to research for yourselves & find any articles/blogs/videos that resonate with you, if they feel right to you, there is a reason for that. The Universe is trying every day to communicate with you. Through songs, movies, nature, social media. Start taking notice, start listening to your intuition.

Be free to connect with your emotions, your spirituality, your wildest thoughts. Explore, open your mind, awaken.

I am forever thankful to all the kind souls who spoke their truth in the many articles I found during my Awakening period. I hope this blog can offer the same hope & inspiration for others during their awakening.

If this blog brings up negative feelings in you, if you feel you want to argue my words, it is your internal self recognising some truth in my words, your internal self is communicating with you on what you need to work on.

Directing any anger or hate towards my words will not solve anything & will simply be ignored/deleted.

I am guided to share this information to help, it comes from a place of love, if it doesn’t resonate with you move on & have a lovely day.

With Love, Always

RosaLisa x

P.S. I wanted to put the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine pictures side by side but my idiot computer won't let me!!

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