My Review of the Menstrual Cup

Spequix Menstrual Cup, £6.99 - bought on Amazon

Ladies, this is exactly what we've been waiting for!!

A super cute reusable cup to capture our menstrual blood each month!

Now, you may feel a little weird about the idea, I did too!

Two of my dancers had started using them and they raved about them. It took me a few months before I got one myself & I felt so nervous about using it at first, but now I wish I had got one sooner!

I feel so much more fresh, it’s easy to use, you can’t feel it inside you, there’s no string hanging out of your vagina & it’s waaay better for the environment.

If you haven’t got one yet I highly recommend you do!

I bought this one on Amazon in July for £6,99, free postage. It comes with the cup itself, a sterilize cup, instructions & a cute little bag.

Ok, about inserting it…

It took me 6 attempts to put it in right the first time haha!

There are a few ways you can fold the cup to insert, I simply fold it in half & in it goes, standing in a semi-squat position. It goes up quite far, further than I used to push a tampon, and the little tail is fully inserted too.

You can leave it in for hours, I pop it in before work & empty it when I get in (typically I work 12-9pm or 12-6pm) Then I leave it in overnight & empty it in the morning. To empty it you use two fingers to grab the tail, pull it down, then use your other hand to pinch the cup so it releases the suction. Empty the blood in the toilet, rinse it out & pop it back in. I haven't had to change it in a public toilet yet so I may add a little update when the time comes.

And the most amazing discovery of all??? We don’t actually bleed that much! :0

Tampons & pads always made me feel like I was losing a lot of blood which was a little scary sometimes, but this bad boy shows exactly how little I actually bleed. I have quite a light period & on the first day the cup fills just over halfway after a day at work. The rest of the days it barely fills a quarter of the way.

Now this was a huge surprise!!!

Since I started using this cup I realise how I previously viewed my period as dirty, annoying & a massive burden.

I now see my period as a wonderful gift.

I feel more connected to my Divine Feminine than ever before.

And recently I read an article somewhere that said:

'Our female bodies are portals between life & the spirit world!'

We are portals! How mind-blowing is that! Can’t remember where I read that, but I thank the kind soul who wrote it <3

Are you now wondering why we haven't heard of these sooner? Why these aren't plastered on adverts everywhere?

Well, we only need one & we can reuse it our whole life, not very profitable for the sanitary industry is it ;)

So yes, I highly recommend the menstrual cup!

With love, always

RosaLisa x

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