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RosaLisa has been pole dancing since 2004 & teaches full time at her studio in Chester, offering: 

Exotic Dance choreography 

Pole Fitness classes,

Full body stretch classes

Private Tuition


She loves sharing her passion & extensive knowledge for pole & encourages each dancer to explore their own natural rhythm & to discover their own unique style


As an Instructor, RosaLisa has a fantastic natural ability combined with 11 years Instructing to understand & break each move down allowing her dancers to understand how to achieve each move


RosaLisa believes deeply that anyone can achieve anything they want in life & instills this confidence & belief in her dancers

Her career began in the Strip clubs where she developed her style of sensual movement fused with powerful, explosive tricks

Her performances were a firm favourite among the regular customers


RosaLisa is self taught & in 2009 she opened her own pole dance school, Apsara Dance, landing a contract with Chester University to create Chester Pole Fitness Society in 2011


She took to the National stage from 2013 to 2017 competing in the biggest competitions in the UK, gaining places & titles in Professional categories for Solo & Doubles performances (see videos)


This lead to invitations to Judge competitions & teach Workshops up & down the country

During these years she also trained many of her students to compete nationally with tremendous results

(see Apsara Dance website Hall of Fame)

If you are interested in working with RosaLisa & would like to discover how Pole Dance can lead you on to a path of Body confidence & healing, visit:

Apsara Dance