Since my younger brother left our world in 2012, I started a massive journey of self-discovery, self-development & self-healing. I wasn't aware of this for the first 3 years but that is when I began taking the first steps.

Everything I have ever experienced has led me to this point, of now being able to offer the tools & skills I have acquired along the way to total freedom of the mind & to feeling happy & full of love everyday.

I am so passionate about helping others and I feel a deep desire to work with people who have had enough of feeling like shit, fed up of living in fear instead of abundance & are ready to change their lives themselves.

I have spent hours agonising over why I should do this, what gives me the right?

We live in a world where qualifications rule all. But I don't have a certificate, they don't give certificates for life experience haha! 

So why should you work with me?

I have to tell you this is NOT an easy path. It can be painful, scary & you may want to give up. I know I did on more than one occasion. But I didn't give up, I got through it and I can honestly say I would go through it all again lifetime after lifetime, to feel the rush of feelings I now live with. 

This is your own journey of self-discovery, I will be guiding you with the tools I used, it is up to you to work on them. I will be there for you as a friend.

How does this work?

Get in touch via the contact form, you can simply ask for more details on my online coaching.

You will receive a form with a few questions which I'd like you to answer as honestly as you can. These questions will give me an insight into your life and any area's you may need guidance.

Then we will arrange a 30min video call at a time suitable for both of us. This will give you the chance to meet me & decide if you like me & wish to work with me.

You are under no obligation whatsoever to work with me at all, if you decide not to work with me that's absolutely fine, there are no hard feelings at all. I love & respect your decision.

If we both decide to work with each other we will set up another call (video or voice only if you prefer) this time for an hour.

This call will look deeper into the answers you provided me with. This may be an emotional time for you. I am here for you.

After the call I will listen to my intuition & email across to you some exercises I am guided to share. You can work on these exercises at your own pace. 

Once you have completed them you can set up another call with me & we will discuss the findings of your exercises & go from there.

You may find you have 10 area's that need work, or there may just be one. I, myself, had so many area's that needed work.

My aim is to give you the tools you need to heal yourself, I don't wish to have you as a client for always, although I would love to remain friends & connect on social media.


Ok, now for the cost:

£50 per hour per call. This is £30 for my time on the call, and £20 for my time working on your personal exercises.