I am halfway through my Shamanic Practitioner training

Throughout my whole life I have always listened to my intuition & followed the signs.

From around 2018 I received signs & messages about Shamanism. I was even introduced to a Spiritual lady online & when we met she told me she was a Shama.

I eventually took the sign & looked online for an in person course.

I found one weekend intro course that looked promising, I read the website thoroughally & popped a message asking for advice on which course to begin with.

The reply I received basically regurgitated the website details back to me, without answeriny my specific question.

That lack of attention to detail put me off, I looked for other courses but nothing stood out to me.

On e day I was at the studio, I had just finished 3 back to back lessons & as I sat down to check messagesI received a message in my mind to look onlinefor Shamanic training.

I found The Healing Treein Cornwall, after reading the website & ourse description I knew this was the course for me.

We began our training February 2020 & I can't tell how you aligned & meant to be it is that the group I am with are meant to be together during the most turbulent, uneasy year of our lifetime so far.


I have been doing some deep healing, some deep connecting with nature & meeting my Spirit guides for the journey ahead.


We have two more intensive weekendas ahead this & next year.


I believe this is another bow to my string in my self healing journey & also my journey to empower others to self heal with the tools I am learning.


More details will come soo  as I will be loking for volunteers to be case studies. 


Touch your toes & achieve the Splits!

Improve mobility/relieve muscle tension

Prevent injury

Learn a variety of full body stretches, using deep breathing for muscle relaxation, whilst working towards;

Front & Middle Splits

Bridges (the crab)


All in a super friendly, supportive environment

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