My blogs are written with Love & a deep Passion for helping people.

Since my Awakening I have a deep desire  to live as naturally as I possibly can & to help reduce my damage to our beautiful home, Planet Earth.


We are Awakening on a mass scale to 4D consciousness, which for me was a very scary, confusing & lonely time so I wish to share my experiences to help anyone who wishes to read.

I hope my posts will inspire you on your Spiritual Awakening journey & offer hope if you're having a tough time.

I understand not everyone will agree with my thoughts & that's perfectly ok.

Some of what I say may or may not resonate with you, so take what does & ignore the rest. Either way, I wish you a pleasant day.


Our Awakenings are unique to each individual being so I encourage you to read & research the many blogs, articles & wonderful posts available online.

Sending love & gratitude to all those who shared their truth & helped me during my Awakening.


With Love, always

RosaLisa x


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