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Awaken to your Divine Sovereign Power

'In April 2016 I experienced a

Spiritual Awakening

For 6 days I was filled with so much

Love, Kindness, Compassion, Understanding, Joy & Inner-Peace ~

I thought I might burst

These feelings were not of this World'

RosaLisa is a Spiritual woman based in Chester, UK

She is a Pole Dance coach, a Reiki Master and a 

Shamanic Practitioner

For the last 12 years RosaLisa has successfully guided hundreds of 

Women & Men through pole dance resulting in her clients feeling physically stronger and empowered mentally & emotionally 

After overcoming and self healing her own trauma and emotional experiences, she began her Spiritual path in 2016

For over 10 years RosaLisa has researched alternative medicine, therapies and healing and she believes whole-heartedly in the innate healing ability of the human body - if we provide the right environment 


 She is now entering the world of health studying Homeopathy

Her soul mission is to help guide as many people as she can in this lifetime to realise their true power in healing their Mind, Body & Soul 


Her motivation is her beautiful brother Tony



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