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Awaken to your Divine Sovereign Power

'In April 2016 I experienced a

Spiritual Awakening

For 6 days I was filled with so much

Love, Kindness, Compassion, Understanding, Joy & Inner-Peace ~

I thought I might burst

These feelings were not of this World'

Hi, I'm RosaLisa

I am a former Exotic Dancer &

Award-Winning Pole Athlete 

I am the Creator of Apsara Dance

 & a Reiki Practitioner

based in Chester, UK

I am a Spiritual Woman

who has overcome many heart-breaking life experiences &  used this pain to transform my life

My Soul Mission is to be of

service to others

My expertise is in helping Women Awaken to their Divine Feminine Sovereign Power

For the last 11 years I have lovingly fulfilled my Soul Mission in assisting hundreds of Ladies & Gents on their unique path to Self Discovery:

~ in discovering how incredible their bodies truly are & the amazing things they can achieve

~ in discovering how to overcome negative self belief

& how to reprogram the mind



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